Mar 15, 2012

define 'Tea'cher: one who lives on tea (A popular Marathi PJ)

I was traveling from Nashik to Pune two nights back. The bus stopped for refreshments midway. I was sleepy and unhappy by the traffic jam we had faced so I decided not to get down.

Ha! One minute in the bus, looking at the beautiful moon, and I automatically walked down! I went to the restaurant, got a cup of tea and sat at this table. But nah! something was missing. So I moved out and sat at the stairs looking at the moon..

.. sipping the tea.. feeling relaxed. The unhappiness melting away.

Now when I am writing it down; I remember doing similar thing during my Hostel stay.. Get a cup of tea and come out of the canteen to sit at the stairs. It used to leave a smile on my face.

It is partially the drink itself and partially the feeling of holding a cozy hot cup in my hands and spending those moments pampering myself.

I had once done a presentation on a Tea Vending Machine I wanted to make. Of course, that was a completely fake ambition chosen for a forced presentation on 'why do I want to work in embedded systems'. At that time I was just getting introduced to Data Structures. And which area in CS I wanted to work in after graduation was out of my range question. But I had derived the Tea Vending Machine idea from a casual conversation about how I use tea to ease out my body pain, headache, bad mood, cold and what not.

I am not addicted to tea, though I do like it a lot. It is a medicine that is cheapest for some forms of physical uneasiness. When I say cheap, I mean more from the side-effects point of view. Tea is also one of the many tiny things that bring sweet family times.

If you are a tea-drinker too, you gotta read this quote (by Praveen Davane, a marathi lyricist and writer) -

" चहाची किक कॉफीला येत नाही हे अस्सल चहाची बरोबर ओळखुन असतो." (A true tea drinker knows that coffee doesn't have the 'kick' that tea has)

I often relate this quote to the ginger in tea. What refreshing element ginger is! Sometimes, do also try ginger juice with a sprinkle of lemon juice. A spoon or two of this mixture. Just that. No tea. No milk. No heating. It is a preparation you mix with some Ayurvedic medicine (sootshekhar) for curing headache. I sometimes take it without that medicine for a minor pain. Works.