Apr 26, 2012

Bronzo the Beast

[I wrote this post somewhere in January. It got lost somewhere in my drafts. Here it goes..]

I finally purchased a new laptop. It took exactly 1 month to arrive. When I saw the huge thing I realized I have bought something significant after a long time. Been around 7 years since I bought a mobile phone, don't remember when I bought a wrist watch last time, and I've already used my last laptop so extensively that it gave up last week... shut down with a sharp sound.. and I don't expect it to work anymore.

So here this machine arrives...
It is biiig! 17.3" and I had no idea how big it would be! Heavy. 3.41kg. Lovely anti-glare display with 1600x900 HD+
I wish it was sturdy too.. It is just a heavy machine which you have to handle with utmost care. And I am not yet used to the keyboard.

This thingi is bronze in color. So it is huge AND it has its own character. On first night, I couldn't sleep cause I kept thinking it was too good a screen for me and too huge a machine. It was like a monster who was in my room and I thought maybe I should get up and put it out of the room in order to be able to get any decent sleep. I actually slept in a different room next night. But still woke up in the middle of the night thinking if I should get rid of it. I had given a name to my last laptop. So I gave a name to this guy too.. It's called "Bronzo". Trust me, the name doesn't help either. I should probably change it to "Goofy" or something to make it less heavy.

Do I really own Bronzo?? This is a really heavy machine. (I know I've already said it enough times.. but it IS!) I love it despite the not so good points. And I am overwhelmed by it. I better get used to it quickly. Even though I'd spoil myself by doing so..! Lovely screen... Lovely...

[I still love it. I am still overwhelmed. Luckily I don't need to carry it anywhere as of now. So I am totally enjoying my beasty]

Here are the pics..

The Vaio is real. Exactly half of Bronzo.
This Santro, however, is a toy car.