May 8, 2012

सुंदर मी होणार 2 : I shall be beautiful 2

At the end of this post, I mentioned the poem सुंदर मी होणार (I shall be beautiful). Here it is:

जुनी इंद्रिये, जुना पिसारा, सर्व सर्व झडणार
नव्या तनूचे, नव्या शक्तिचे पंख मला फुटणार
सुंदर मी होणार, सुंदर मी होणार - 
मृत्यू म्हणजे वसंत माझा, मजवरती फुलणार
सौंदर्याचा ब्रह्मा तो मज सौंदर्ये घडणार
सौंदर्ये घडणार, सौंदर्ये घडणार

- Poet Govind, as mentioned in the play Sundar Mi Honar by Pu La Deshpande

(The poet is handicapped. He imagines death as the event that would discard the old body and present him with a brand new one. New body. New strength. Death, would be like Spring. And the God of creation of beauty, shall work on his beauty himself.)


Do I believe in the literal concept? I don't know. I do not bother myself too much about the concept of rebirth. But this poem is surely wonderful as a metaphor...

When things come to an end, they make way for new ones.