Nov 3, 2014


Warning: Heavy, spiritually inclined, half-baked coffee-table gyaan. Words Dharma, characteristic, transition, letting go, passion appear in the post.

Every time a passion leaves you, or you leave it, a void appears.

You can sense the fact that the passion will cease to exist. But it is your Dharma to be kind to yourself, to try to hold on, to see to it that you don't beat up your heart or mind into letting go. You have to give your senses the chance to know that it is going. Perhaps, already gone.

It is only then that you can let go respectably.

You have to be kind to yourself, and to others as well.

The passion is leaving, because it was not meant to be the part of your life. Just a part.

Respect it, it has served you. And you understood life better by serving it.

It is the truth of that passion. It has to go. But it is the truth of your characteristic, that you have to try to mend things.

You let a child discover for itself many things that you know do not work. You have to let your heart and mind discover for itself that that passion has stopped working.

The void is painful. (even if that sounds contradictory). It makes you try harder to mend things.

Be aware of what is happening. Try only what you can. Find times to step back and take a stock of things from a distance. That will give you the strength to make fewer mistakes during this transition.

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