Dec 23, 2008

"Zindagi .."

"Liye sapane nigaahon mein
Chala hoon teri raaho mein
Zindagi aa raha hoon main..
Kabhi tujhko gila mujhse
Kabhi mujhko shikaayat hai
Magar phir bhi mujhe teri
Tujhe meri zaroorat hai
Mai yeh iqaraar karta hoon
Mai tujhse pyar karta hoon
Zindagi aa raha hoon main.."

This kishore kumar song is one of my all time favs.

Life's all about honesty.
I can live only with 'truth'.
And that truth needs to be beautiful as well.
Life's about honest efforts to make the truth beautiful.

So am I living??
I want time to answer that.
I am on a quest right now. A journey to find some answers.
And there are lots of distractions on the way.

"Woods are lovely, dark and green
But i have promises to keep
And miles to go before i sleep"

Nah! I don't believe in running. I love to get lost in these jungles.

Maybe not miles before i sleep,
But i do believe a certain commitment is needed for a healthy life.
The commitment that will make me feel secure.
The commitment that will make me feel warm.
The commitment that will always have an answer to any doubt i get in my life.