May 4, 2009

About Power and Heroic

When I had read The Fountainhead, the term 'Heroic In Man' just got into my head. Slowly I've forgotten the meaning Howard had in mind but the term always sounds just right.

Not very long ago, I used to think 'Heroic' is about achieving power and celebrating it. But today I disagree.
Power and Heroic are two different things.
Power is just the tool. What you make with it decides if its Heroic.
So, if you are a hero, you have power. Coz the power makes you the hero.
But, if you have power, you may or MAY NOT BE a hero.

It all sounds so trivial when I read the above para today. But I've got confused between Power and Heroic so many times in the past. Now that this distinction is clear in my head, maybe life will become easier. I will be able to take better decisions. Hopefully!

Aha! Pankhuri has a new Theorem(Ahem!) in her pocket..

Power is necessary but not sufficient condition for Heroic.

I want to be a Hero......!!!!!!