Feb 19, 2015


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Arrr.. I know this post is completely useless.. But aah! I miss writing..

I am not writing because I'm rushing through time. So not collecting or processing anything. Yeah, doesn't sound good, that. But if it doesn't turn into a habit, it isn't that bad.


What a waste, this post! #TongueOut.

Dec 27, 2014

The 'New' Things

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I woke up with a smile today, something that had stopped happening in recent times. It is possible that today's was thanks to 'shopping therapy'.. (healthy shopping, let me add in my defense.)

I am very skeptical about introducing new gadget in my routine. Unless I am convinced that the benefits are worth, I wouldn't add a gadget anywhere.

But yesterday, we got a juicer! Real costly. But this one we had to get. It is a slow juicer, running at 80 RPM (or was it 65?). Extracts juice by squeezing and thus does not heat the fruit/vegetable. A healthy juice with fibers, nutrients and taste. 'Almost' silent.

And the best part is, we've already started using it! It rarely happens that something is convenient, safe, healthy and quick. Of course, that's probably why it costed a lot..

This purchase is just an outcome of something amazing that has been happening since last few days. At home, we all are optimistically trying to improve quality of our routine life. Health, entertainment, household chores.. we are trying to complete all backlogs. Even in office, there is an attempt to improve various procedures. (I now work with my family in our family business.) So life after a few months looks promising.

That's cool! I am already looking forward to the new year without consciously making any resolutions.. or planning any celebrations..

I guess last year was so terrible that the new year is automatically getting all pyaar from me!!

But yea, I really really really hope that the remaining 4-5 days pass without any more disasters. Universe! Focus. Lemme make it very clear that I am NOT trying to challenge you in any way. I just want to sail smooth for some time. NO masti now. You've had your share of tantrums and hurricanes and earthquakes. Now give us time to breath with ease and enjoy the fresh healthy juices.

Nov 3, 2014


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Warning: Heavy, spiritually inclined, half-baked coffee-table gyaan. Words Dharma, characteristic, transition, letting go, passion appear in the post.

Every time a passion leaves you, or you leave it, a void appears.

You can sense the fact that the passion will cease to exist. But it is your Dharma to be kind to yourself, to try to hold on, to see to it that you don't beat up your heart or mind into letting go. You have to give your senses the chance to know that it is going. Perhaps, already gone.

It is only then that you can let go respectably.

You have to be kind to yourself, and to others as well.

The passion is leaving, because it was not meant to be the part of your life. Just a part.

Respect it, it has served you. And you understood life better by serving it.

It is the truth of that passion. It has to go. But it is the truth of your characteristic, that you have to try to mend things.

You let a child discover for itself many things that you know do not work. You have to let your heart and mind discover for itself that that passion has stopped working.

The void is painful. (even if that sounds contradictory). It makes you try harder to mend things.

Be aware of what is happening. Try only what you can. Find times to step back and take a stock of things from a distance. That will give you the strength to make fewer mistakes during this transition.

Oct 12, 2014

Extreme Individualism and Lessons

Extreme individualism. That was the phase I was in when I came across Atlas Shrugged. And what better fuel could that extreme individualism get! Working day and night, working alone, not needing or wanting anyone to interfere.. deciding what I want and deciding to focus on just I. "My life". I ended up disrespecting many people who mattered. Neglecting them. And I guess I paid the price.

Luckily, I came out of that phase quite quickly. It took one single episode to bring me out of the extreme. Afterwards I realized that some injuries from that phase healed with time but some damages were permanent. I used to think that I had to go through that phase to understand myself better. But at what cost?

I simply regret what happened. All the disrespect and neglect I had for people who matter the most.. and everything was wrapped so well in arguments that I couldn't see what I was doing.

Once I came out of the extremity, I remember re-reading that book to find the 'fault' in the arguments.. It had an answer to every question I could raise at that time. I guess either that book is extremely well written, or I was not able to find the loophole I wanted to see.

I stopped reading the book. And I realized there was no need to fight with those arguments. I could simply ignore them. Just because you can't prove something's right does not mean it is not right. You may not be capable enough to prove your point. But you may still be good enough to see the right point, without any explicit explanation. Words are just tools, used to communicate, express, decorate. Some craftsmen use them well. Others don't. Good literature need not be right. And verbal description or derivation may not be always available for the right points.

Now I know that I need not accept every challenge that comes my way. And more importantly, I should not surrender just because I couldn't 'win' a debate in an event (or many events).

But of course, even today, the right things are not always visible. Sometimes I make mistakes by ignoring my intuition. Sometimes, by assuming the wrong.

I am glad that I have this bit figured out that words are different than intentions. Also that if we can't 'see' or derive things, it doesn't mean they don't exist.

I hope I learn to use these lessons in routine life. I still have to learn to understand others. Empathize. Rely. Develop my intuition. Communicate that intuition (with myself, and others)

Long journey, ha?

Sep 11, 2014

Horcrux: Sans Belief

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Belief is a wonderful thing. If you have it, you have enough. And if you lose it, nothing can make up for it.

How people carry on with things, even after losing their belief in those things, is a big puzzle for me.

How can you do something that you don't believe in? Doing that is disconnecting your'self' from your decisions. It is somewhat like creating a horcrux. Where you just want to carry on so bad that you would agree to even weaken your soul. Except that, here, you (may or) may not perform an act of extreme cruelty against anyone else other than yourself.

I hope I never have to make such a horcrux in my life.