Jun 10, 2009


You know you're enjoying holidays when you read blogs till 4:20 AM and then can't go to sleep without putting up some real meaningless post like this one on your own blog


Jun 6, 2009

How strangly people can differ from each other

Recently, I've been noticing this wonderful thing about communication-

Me and the other person are talking..
I say something
They reply with something
Then I say something again
Then They say something back
--> What i mean to say is we have a nice talk
And suddenly I realize we both had different meanings in our mind and still we could carry on with our conversation as if we both understand each other completely!

Sometimes we both pick up the same word in the sentence
Sometimes we both pick up the same moment in some video
Sometimes we both enjoy same picture in a gallery
Sometimes we both laugh at same thing

And still those "SAME" things appear different to both of us.

But at times this understanding/misunderstanding ( i don't know which word to choose) wipes off the essence of communication:- conveying.
That kinda frustrates.

Other times I just laugh away and enjoy this strange phenomenon.


May 4, 2009

About Power and Heroic

When I had read The Fountainhead, the term 'Heroic In Man' just got into my head. Slowly I've forgotten the meaning Howard had in mind but the term always sounds just right.

Not very long ago, I used to think 'Heroic' is about achieving power and celebrating it. But today I disagree.
Power and Heroic are two different things.
Power is just the tool. What you make with it decides if its Heroic.
So, if you are a hero, you have power. Coz the power makes you the hero.
But, if you have power, you may or MAY NOT BE a hero.

It all sounds so trivial when I read the above para today. But I've got confused between Power and Heroic so many times in the past. Now that this distinction is clear in my head, maybe life will become easier. I will be able to take better decisions. Hopefully!

Aha! Pankhuri has a new Theorem(Ahem!) in her pocket..

Power is necessary but not sufficient condition for Heroic.

I want to be a Hero......!!!!!!

Mar 20, 2009


Okey -

there is Einstein on my desktop right now. He's saying

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, But not simpler."

Now that's the trick. Wat say?

Feb 27, 2009



His voice does something to me.

His voice is "free" , if you know what i mean.

And i feel his soul is as free as that divine voice.


It must be!!

There was time when i used to feel bad when he sung songs like "Dilli Ki Sardi" and "Ding Dong Ding" But then i slowly realized no matter what they give him to sing, his soul will remain untouched by those songs. He will never lose his purity. The purity that reflects through his childlike smile.

Its almost five years i've been in Pune n every year he comes here for a concert , very conveniently(!@#$) i get something else to be taken care of. Funny!

Every time i'll think , "Next time".

There are so many things , so many tiny wishes, that keep playing hide and seek with us. And sometimes, its not even about

getting them. Just wishing is enough. A live KK concert won't do anything significant to me. I will forget the real experience after a fortnight. But longing for seeing KK live, and so many such so called insignificant things, this is what my joy is all about.

That i have wishes. That i have fantacies. That i have dreams.

Its a way of living for me.

BUT HEY.......

Lot many tiny wishes are accumulated in my mind. N i'm not someone to let go so easily :D

Just a year and two months. Then i'll be out of commitments. (No Engineering!!!)

The year after my graduation.. I call it my freakout year.
And since i started using this term, i can't day-dream beyond that year. "What you want to do?", "Oh , i want to freak out!!!"

What an appealing phrase! "Freakout year"!!!!
That'll be the year when I'll fulfill my most tiny wishes..
At the same time, looking for a new wish.. a new dream.. that one dream will be special because that will be the one I'll choose as my companion in this journey called Life. The one dream that'll help me keep going, as far as my eyes could see and beyond that

Feb 21, 2009

In Love(! ? ???? !!!!) With Engineering

guess it happens with all engineering studs..

Specially when you are in TE second sem!!

I'm Tired of Engineering! The daily submissions, no lectures, not even enough lab turns to complete the assignments.. The learn on your own but still attend the lectures attitude the teachers suddenly adopt.

How happy i was just 12 months back.. Attending the college more sincerely thn my school.. Doing all the assignments on my own..(well, atleast the practicals if not the writeups!) happy go lucky SE comp student. Simply in love with engineering! ha!!

N here i am today.. so busy in other things in life.. Organising a single event in college tech fest is eating so much time , i'm so much in love with my part time job as a dance instructor tht studies get the last hour of the day, and most importantly,,, i don't want to study for Pune University any more.

wat yaar! i'll enter college library and will see a very appealing book ( yep! technical!! and very much related to syllabus) but won't be able to read it coz if i read that, when will i read the book that's been forced on me??

why do we all need to follow the same speed and the same assignment and the same syllabus and watever the PU( read Pune University) says???????

For the final marksheet????????????????????????????

Oh don't tell me you trust PU's evaluation technique( if there is any!) . How many of you have been at the receiving end of the makes-no-sense result cards? or seen your friends there?

Why the hell?????????????

Feb 18, 2009

Intazaar : The Waiting

Some people just come into your life
They do nothing, still make it bright
You pray to meet them again
But confused.. what would you do then?

Its some part of a poem i had written some yrs ago and had torn off after it started making me too naustalgic.

Then life took a sweet turn n i did meet these people again.

फ़िर मिलोगे कभी इस बात का वादा करलो
हमसे एक और मुलाक़ात का वादा करलो ...

And what a lovely मुलाक़ात this is being! Cheers!

About the "what would you do then?" part.....

when you meet them again, you celebrate!
you celebrate meeting again
you celebrate being able to see them again
and you celebrate the waiting you've been through

so don't hesitate to wait. Cause when the waiting pays off, nothing can take away the pleasure it gifts you!!!