May 9, 2016

Snape is WRONG!

"People like you who wear their hearts on their sleeves, weak people, in other words, stand no chance in front of the Dark Lord."


Firstly, people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, are brave enough to be open to the stares of the world.

They can, in most cases, take a blow, because if they couldn't, they would be hiding their hearts in multiple layers of skins and curtains.

Every heart has to stop beating one day.

Some protect it just enough, some go to the extremes of jailing it, some put it up on display for the entertainment of the world. Some believe that if enough hearts were glowing on enough sleeves, the 'dark lord' would find it difficult to corner individuals and attack them.

So Severus, with all the love and respect, and with the acknowledgement of every act of bravery you have ever performed.. every moment of pain you had to endure..

Yours is not the only style.

(But God! Snape's the bravest!)

And sweetheart, for future adventures, do remember how calming it was to finally pour your heart to Harry.