Nov 24, 2013


If contradictions do not exist, then all that we're seeing around is transition. A foot kept forward, yet, a foot remaining behind in that old place.

And if we see it that way, transition is real for most part of the life. So do I expect to "see" contradictory actions for most part of the life as well?

I do not, actually. I expect to see contradictions only when a boundary is crossed. But such boundaries will not be well defined, right? They would mostly be just notional.

In fact, they may be so blur that the only way I would be able to identify them would be by observing a contradiction..

Does that make contradiction an indicator?

But wait....!

That's the point, right? Contradiction is nothing BUT an indicator for something else that is happening in background?

Ah! So to clear all the confusion, seems that contradiction is not a state. It is just an indicator for a changing phase.


I should try to apply this argument more explicitly to my Masters' project.. see if it helps in understanding the project environment any better....

Oct 25, 2013

चंद्राची सांज आणि दुपारीचा तोरा

सांजेचे हे रूप.. हळद आणि गुलालाने सजलेले..
हे रूप दुपार कधीच घेऊ शकत नाही.
तिला फार तर ढगांची ओढणी.
पण हा श्रुंगार सांजच करू जाणे.

कधी कधी चंद्राची ओढ असं काही करायला भाग पाडत असेल सांजेला..
सांजेचा हा श्रुंगार पाहुन चंद्र तार्‍यांचा लवाजमा मागे सोडून अवेळी उगवतही असेल.

आणि ती दुपार, तिला हे सारं अनोळखी.
तिला स्वतःची तळपदार, मिश्कील ऐट.
तिचा खेळ आणि तिचा काळ दोन्ही वेगळे.
दाहक, निर्भीड, आपल्यातच परिपूर्ण.

Oct 24, 2013

A Fight With Dreams

Have you ever been really angry with your dreams? Like, 'you better walk out of my life and go to any sort of hell you please' angry?

I have. It's one of the most unpleasant feels. I think a more unpleasant thing was to realize that I will have to fix things on my own. If I don't, the anger or the dreams aren't going to change at all. No matter what!

I just want to be angry! Especially when I have the right to be so! And I want those stubborn dreams to sort out themselves without my help.

I should sleep.

P.S: Funny that this post should follow the lollipops? But this isn't contradictory. Lollipops are accidents. Dreams are investments. Especially those dreams which are simple.

P.P.S: If I have to fix anything myself at all, I should rather fix the situation than fixing my dreams. Yeah. I should keep that in mind for morning when I get up a bit saner.

Oct 10, 2013

I Love Lollipops

Because things happen only once in life. And there are no replays.
THAT is what makes life so amazing.
That everything that happens to us, happens for the first and the last time.
Every time, life offers you a new lollipop. Unlike all the previous ones. Like the Every Flavor Beans..
Some foul. Some sweet. But all unique.

(Of course, unlike with the beans, in real life, each flavor changes as we do.)

What I like even more than the uniqueness is the other dimension. You can never run out of lollipops. Big deal if you miss a chance. Well, it may actually be a big deal. But so what, there shall be more to come.

Sep 26, 2013

Literal Transformations

This post is about that famous sentence - कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेशु कदाचन (Karmanyevadhikaraste Ma Faleshu Kadachana)

I have seen three different interpretations of this sentence so far... And it seems that the sentence transforms according to the theories I am dealing with at those particular times.

My first interpretation was the simplest. The way I think of it now, too simple. It said -

"Keep working. Don't bother yourself about the rewards."

And like many people say, this is a very tough advise to follow. Very confusing. Counter intuitive. I did not think of it much back then. For me, the advice was just one more saying that did not need much attention.

Then I read an article about a similar concept, and this sentence received a new interpretation. Now it meant -

"You have the right to perform your duties / work. You do not have the right to demand an exact outcome."

To me, it then fitted into the good friendly quotes that tell you to go ahead and do what you feel is right, without bothering 'too much' about the outcomes.

And now, I have a third interpretation -

"You have the right to do, not to demand (the fruits of someone else's work)."

Oh my! Is this sentence goofying around with me or what!!

-- I understand the words in that sentence. But what do they mean when they come together? It is not a same meaning each time. This is very common in literature isn't it? A seemingly static thing that keeps changing. What is even more interesting is to realize that it is not the sentence that is changing, it is your own point of view. Maybe you yourself.

Jan 10, 2013

That Healthy Pain

One day in my third year of engineering, I was sitting in a lecture of DSP (Digital Signal Processing. It's enough that I remember the full form.)

On the first bench. (Maybe one of my first bencher friends was absent that day. Woah! How come?)

I was looking at the black board and ma'm. And I was thinking, not of digital signals, but the pain in my body after yesterday's dance classes. (I used to have 3 of them on weekends, back to back, where I played assistant to my teacher)

My whole body was paining. Even the bench was hurting me. And I suddenly thought what a beautiful pain it was! Making me aware of my body.. Making me feel alive...! And that very moment I took off from the lecture.

I was thinking of dance. I had started smiling in the middle of the lecture. I wanted to be in the corridor. I wanted to be on the stairs. Out. Out in the open air. I wanted to dance. To dance despite the pain I was feeling. The pain was no more tiring me. It was making me feel wonderful.

That was probably first time when I experienced that certain kinds of pains can be beautiful. At least that's the first time I remember. I guess that is a memory I shouldn't give up on. Not to 'take off' from the present; but to remember that it is worth having a healthy pain.