Jul 4, 2015

Pen or Pencil?

I have had two teachers who had a significant role in my life. It is not correct to say that only two teachers had a significant role in my life, but they both stand out, for some reason.

Both very sincere and passionate about their subjects. You take their class and get high on the material they're teaching. That good.

One of them, always told us that we should write with pen. Discard pencil. Because when we write with pen, we have to be more careful about what we're writing. Pencil can be erased. Pen stays. And so we get into the habit of thinking before doing, and sticking to what we wrote. It teaches you precision. And commitment too.

The other teacher loved pencils. He loved pencils so much that we used to exchange pencils. Haha! He said pencils are friendly. They let you make mistakes. They let you correct your mistakes. They don't judge you.

I have often wondered who's more correct? What should I choose? Pen or Pencil?

The answer I have learnt from my life (no, I don't always talk like I'm talking from my deathbed. So! Ahem!), is this-

When you are learning something, and really want to achieve professional accuracy, give yourself a pen. But for goodness's sake, gift your friends a pencil. Pen's place is in profession. Pencil's place is in relation. (Wrote that just to attempt a rhyme.)

The 'soft' aspects of life are too valuable to lose to non-erasable errors. One word. Priorities. That's what pencil teaches. Choose people over their mistakes. People evolve beyond what they wrote on that paper on that day. They evolve beyond what they did in their past. What they said. If only they are given a chance to erase the bad part and correct it.

Pencils are sooo underestimated.

(Moral of the story: I wanna new pencil...! Like, literally.)