Feb 18, 2014

From The Dark To The Bright?

We say with such simplicity that we want every color in our life.. then why do we dislike the dark phases so much? Why don't we accept them the way we accept the bright phases? The dark ones are also colors, aren't they? When we get surrounded by them, why do we suddenly start realizing that we don't like the dark colors?

Why is it so difficult to deal with situations when your loved ones suffer? When you see them in trouble, what makes you forget that everything in life provides you with a chance to learn and grow?

Vulnerability, is it cool only when we invite it in our life? Humbleness, does it shine only when we choose to see the glory of nature? Why do we believe that those who have received vulnerability from life are miserable?

Maybe tough times are not meant to test our toughness. Maybe such times want to teach us that while the solutions would be found with a cool head, the strength would come from the heart.

Then, how fortunate it is, that during such times, we get to see the love coming around? We see blessings, wishes and hopes pouring from all over, telling us that our canvas will be filled with all bright colors once again..

And so, we realize that our love isn't the only strength we have.. we also have another strength, which is not generated by us, and hence, not subjected to the weakness we suffer from.

To that strength then!