Jan 30, 2010

Missing You, More After Meeting You..

Today i met one of my friends after a long time. Actually i have been meeting him briefly but it has been with a lot of crowd around, or else just to pick up or drop something.

Today i got some 5 mins with only both of us and our hobby.. nothing else. no-one else. It was so much better than the hour-long meetings with everyone in the room.. Still, it wasn't enough for me. When i said bye, i kept feeling like going back to him and saying, "the hell! I haven't talked to you since months... You're not going anywhere for next 3 hours!!! :) :) :)" But alas.. Considering the roles we play among ourselves, even though i say lot of funny things to him, i didn't say this one aloud. And walked away. Now i think i'll call him and ask for a meeting anyways. Its just that, well, i don't wanna meet him in crowd. And today looked like last god given chance to meet him on his own..


Certain people have a flavor. A character. A something inside them that becomes their identity for you. And with some people, you can't see it in a crowd-y place. Not seeing it disturbs you. You start missing that person even more. (And you start cracking up about that person!) I don't know if the person in question is aware of this, but for you; you start taking all this affair as a bond that's shared by both of you, not visible to the outside world, not to be touched in presence of anyone who's not part of it, but silently acknowledged in the fashion in which none of you two touches it.

Jan 16, 2010

No. I "DON'T" wanna grow up once again!


The 3 IDIOTS Again!
I did not want to write this post.. But I heard engineering students talk about how rightly the movie shows the torture every engineering student goes through n all.. And I decided.. LET ME WRITE

In my school (just like yours), any good(?) enough student would either go for engineering or medical. Till my 10th I had not heard of any degree beyond
1. BE / BTech
3. BCom
4. BA

And because i didn't like bio at all.. i decided i'd become engineer. My parents never had to force me. Coz i grew up listening to Papa's and Mom's stories of their engineering years.. the fun part of it. About IIT and NIT.. and i decided i wanted to go to IIT too. That never happened. During my 11th and 12th I realized I had never known what other options i had.. and in light of the syllabus to be covered for IIT JEE, no time to look around and find out. What is it that i'd enjoy throughout my life..? Maybe i'm still searching for that one work that i can do for a really long time; do it proactively. So now here I am. Final year engineering.

There are people who don't want to learn anything new here, just get the grades and get out of the torture of these 4 yrs. The torture is not just the exams or submissions.. the lectures and books is also a torture for them. That is because the system has forced engineering on them. Made them a scapegoat. Of course, what's wrong in the system is wrong.

But in some weird sense, I feel the system couldn't make a scapegoat out of ME cause ultimately I'M HAVING FUN HERE. Skip the grades.. I read the topics I enjoy. N i love to sit through the lectures (well, of most of the teachers).

Even the "good" teachers talk about grades and marking scheme and "this question is asked for so and so marks in the exam" and so. Sometimes it feels bad. Are they also trying to sell grades? But think about it.. Maybe that question coming in exam every year or so only means that that topic is an important concept in that subject..!
The world has been complaining about things ever since it existed. Generation after generation there are Same worries: the new generation is degrading... Same accusations: the old generation has put the system in wrong cycle... But well, the world's still a nice place to be in, isn't it?

For me, there's one hope. My Will To Live. Mind you, To Live. Not To Survive. As long as this Will exists in me, i'll always have the protection from the wrong in the system. There always will be some option. Some door will always remain open. So long as I am willing to walk through that door, I'll find a way to LIVE. Not for escaping the truth around me, and not for surrendering to it either. But simply to LIVE the life that's been gifted to me. Without having to sing "Give me another chance i wanna grow up once again".