Mar 31, 2010

My Trial Template [from]

I kinda started liking this template I chose the other day.. Its a colorful roll that contains various laces. Nice. I have atleast 20 odd templates downloaded right now. Will be finalizing one when I get enough time to try out all of them. : They've got a Template Designer in Layout Manager. Worth a try. This one comes from there.

Mar 11, 2010

So Am I Growing Up?

I have many thoughts in my head right now.. well.. let me pick one...


So this is about growing up. My college Mission Statement says:
Our Mission: To develop women professionals who are academically and technically sound with strong ethics and above all, good human beings.

Well, its actually a very nicely constructed statement. I can't ask for any more from my college.

But each time I read it during my initial years, I wonderd if I'll be able to meet the "WOMEN" professionals criteria! I've always thought of myself as a girl. Not as a woman.

Oh and just for the sake of clarity, I don't mean Woman as in Men and or v/s Women. I mean Woman as in a Child v/s a Grown Up.

Am I really going to become a Woman some day? And has that time come as close as my graduation ceremony? I wondered: Will Cummins (that's my college :) ) turn me into a Woman before lifting her protection and leaving me out in the open in this so called Outside World?

I always thought that all the funny situations I get into my college are simulated. No matter how badly I mess up, my teachers are always there to take care of the situation. Nothing can go wrong with me in Cummins. Everything is just a glimpse into what's waiting for me out there. I better prepare well. But even when I do poorly, its alright. And so, I enjoyed being a child. Being free to experiment. Applying my theories. And getting into troubles. :D

Now that I won't have this protection anymore, I've started feeling the desire to grow up.. Experiments will continue. But with more precautions. Now I play both roles. One is the child and other is the caretaker.

I've started experiencing that Life has a unique way to teach each person. All my how-does-that-happen-to-people doubts are now getting attention of The Teacher. I hope I get answers soon enough. And let the first question to get answered be:
How do people know if they care for ThoughtWorks more than their dreamed-ever-since FreakOut Year?
That may sound very childish or annoying to people. I am unable to judge. But I'm sorry if I disappoint anyone, I'm never stopping wishing, dreaming, and asking questions.