Jun 14, 2015

Newer Discovery

A short post. Just to record something I have learnt recently.

I used to believe that the way to reach God (well, Creator, Nature, Universe, The Force, call what you may!) was the way of happiness. Only by being the ever-happy, ever-smiling, ever-ready person would I be able to reach the Supreme.

I have learnt that that is not true. God doesn't put the condition of happiness for us to reach him just the way God doesn't put the condition of pain for us to reach him.

God, in fact, can be reached when we want to reach him. God is like a parent. Always there for you. Always reachable.

That's what I've learnt.

And how did I learn that?

By realizing that happiness is overrated. At least, I overrated happiness in the past. The insistence that I be happy and joyful every time of every day is not realistic. Maybe not even ideal. It is very exhausting. I should strive for it.. but I shouldn't shun the lowly moments of life just because they weren't 'happy'. I should respect all aspects of my life and my time. That's how I shall learn to truly respect myself.

P.S: What's with such posts!! I am doing a lot of heavy posting lately. But that's slightly deliberate. I want to write about the bad times, the heavy times, the happy times, the normal times and all other times I experience. This isn't social network where I should be afraid of cribbing on people's walls. Or bother too much about boasting. This is my personal space. My own :)

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