Jun 6, 2009

How strangly people can differ from each other

Recently, I've been noticing this wonderful thing about communication-

Me and the other person are talking..
I say something
They reply with something
Then I say something again
Then They say something back
--> What i mean to say is we have a nice talk
And suddenly I realize we both had different meanings in our mind and still we could carry on with our conversation as if we both understand each other completely!

Sometimes we both pick up the same word in the sentence
Sometimes we both pick up the same moment in some video
Sometimes we both enjoy same picture in a gallery
Sometimes we both laugh at same thing

And still those "SAME" things appear different to both of us.

But at times this understanding/misunderstanding ( i don't know which word to choose) wipes off the essence of communication:- conveying.
That kinda frustrates.

Other times I just laugh away and enjoy this strange phenomenon.


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