Jan 30, 2010

Missing You, More After Meeting You..

Today i met one of my friends after a long time. Actually i have been meeting him briefly but it has been with a lot of crowd around, or else just to pick up or drop something.

Today i got some 5 mins with only both of us and our hobby.. nothing else. no-one else. It was so much better than the hour-long meetings with everyone in the room.. Still, it wasn't enough for me. When i said bye, i kept feeling like going back to him and saying, "the hell! I haven't talked to you since months... You're not going anywhere for next 3 hours!!! :) :) :)" But alas.. Considering the roles we play among ourselves, even though i say lot of funny things to him, i didn't say this one aloud. And walked away. Now i think i'll call him and ask for a meeting anyways. Its just that, well, i don't wanna meet him in crowd. And today looked like last god given chance to meet him on his own..


Certain people have a flavor. A character. A something inside them that becomes their identity for you. And with some people, you can't see it in a crowd-y place. Not seeing it disturbs you. You start missing that person even more. (And you start cracking up about that person!) I don't know if the person in question is aware of this, but for you; you start taking all this affair as a bond that's shared by both of you, not visible to the outside world, not to be touched in presence of anyone who's not part of it, but silently acknowledged in the fashion in which none of you two touches it.


  1. Interesting. You know how you start missing a particular person even when you are with them (although in a large group)? It's the weirdest feeling. Has that happened with you sometimes?

  2. P.S. I'm sorry I'm littering your blog, but I love the way you verbalized that feeling.

  3. hey that's cool. you are welcome to do as much littering here as you please :) :)

    n yeah! i know that feeling. Missing them more after just meeting them and worse, missing them when you ARE with them. Guess it happens a bit too much with me.

    BTW, I did meet the person mentioned in blog just the two days later. Nice time :)


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