Aug 27, 2011

The Game Of Room Of Requirements

Those who don't know Harry Potter world -

Room of Requirements is a room (duh!) which opens when you ask it what exactly you want it to be. It turns into the room that you require.

It's so much fun to play the game of room of requirements in real life. Next time you get a chance, I recommend this game to you. Let me explain the details:

Recognize something about you that people around you may be deeply interested in knowing. Like, which team do you support in the IPL. (well, use your own fillers please!) Now, let them go round and round and round around that question. Discuss IPL in length with them. Discuss the good and bad about each team. Discuss the controversies. The forms of players. Everything. If you don't give away your favorite team, they'll start making fun of various teams in turn, looking for some reaction from you. Remain calm. Laugh with them. Or defend each team. Whatever. Make them ASK you explicitly, 'which is your favorite team?' only then you tell them.

I know it sounds silly with this example of IPL.

But the game?.. It's fun! It's awesome fun! Imagine a scene where 'favorite IPL team' is replaced by that cool piece of information and 'people' is replaced by the right name that finds the information cool. This game should at least make you smile. Though, in my case, I almost audibly laughed while my sister is sleeping besides me!

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