Nov 9, 2011

Background Image

Take a plain paper. Now start drawing random shapes on it. Go on till the shapes get distributed so evenly that they don't look like individual shapes anymore. They don't look like something drawn on paper either. It becomes one image which could just have been on that paper since ever.

Is that what happens with our mind? Having a recurring random thought for a considerable time.. could it start appearing like a part of the mind? Like a background that we don't notice any more but take for granted?

(If that happens, how refreshing it would be to suddenly get up one day and realize that that background has faded away.. and what remains is just the good old plain mind.. with perhaps a new wannabe background thought. And being the curious creatures that we are, we would keep feeding that thought and let it settle down as the new background and then perhaps slowly learn to stop noticing it.*)

That's why they say everyone has their own copy of the world. Cause each mind has its own background thought drawn on it and the world gets superimposed over that background.**

* Another interesting thing would be to recognize the individual thought that made the background
** And what if it's not a uniform background, but scattered graffiti? Then the graffiti would get superimposed on the world! Whoa! What variety we must have!

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