Aug 15, 2012

This Birth, This Life Should Be Loved A Hundred Times

या जन्मावर या जगण्यावर शतदा प्रेम करावे

चंचल वारा या जलधारा भिजली काळी माती
हिरवे हिरवे प्राण तशी ही रुजून आली पाती
सहा ऋतुंचे सहा सोहळे येथे भान हरावे

या जन्मावर या जगण्यावर शतदा प्रेम करावे

बाळाच्या चिमण्या ओठांतून हाक बोबडी येते
वेलीवरती प्रेम प्रियेचे जन्म फुलांनी घेते
नदीच्या काठी सजणासाठी गाणी गात झुरावे

या जन्मावर या जगण्यावर शतदा प्रेम करावे

या ओठांनी चुंबून घेईन हजारदा ही माती
अनंत मरणे झेलून घ्यावी इथल्या जगण्यासाठी
इथल्या पिंपळपानावरती अवघे विश्व तरावे

मंगेश पाडगावकर

Today is India's Independence Day. 

This poem is not part of the Independence Day celebrations. It was written with poet's local surroundings in mind. And it is very mild when compared to poems dedicated to the nation. Frankly, it is very difficult to choose one poem to share on Independence Day. I was listening to people talking about specialties of India on radio. Someone mentioned the 6 seasons experienced in the country and the marvelously written line from this poem came to my mind.

This is one of the poems that have stayed with me. Another blend of nature with human life by the poet.

Below is an attempt at translation. As soon as I finish reading the translation, I realize how beautiful the original poem reads.. :)

"This birth, this life should be loved a hundred times.

Playful breeze, these streams, the drenched black soil
These weeds have come up as lush green lives
Six festivals of six seasons, the mind gets lost in them.

This birth, this life should be loved a hundred times.

The birdlike tiny lips of the kid call in sweet voice
The flowers on a vine are but the birth of a lover's love
She sings and longs for her dear at the river bank...

This birth, this life should be loved a hundred times.

I shall kiss this soil a thousand times
Infinite deaths should be accepted for one chance to live here
The whole universe would rest on a leaf of the peepal tree of this land"

- Mangesh Padgaonkar

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