Jan 10, 2013

That Healthy Pain

One day in my third year of engineering, I was sitting in a lecture of DSP (Digital Signal Processing. It's enough that I remember the full form.)

On the first bench. (Maybe one of my first bencher friends was absent that day. Woah! How come?)

I was looking at the black board and ma'm. And I was thinking, not of digital signals, but the pain in my body after yesterday's dance classes. (I used to have 3 of them on weekends, back to back, where I played assistant to my teacher)

My whole body was paining. Even the bench was hurting me. And I suddenly thought what a beautiful pain it was! Making me aware of my body.. Making me feel alive...! And that very moment I took off from the lecture.

I was thinking of dance. I had started smiling in the middle of the lecture. I wanted to be in the corridor. I wanted to be on the stairs. Out. Out in the open air. I wanted to dance. To dance despite the pain I was feeling. The pain was no more tiring me. It was making me feel wonderful.

That was probably first time when I experienced that certain kinds of pains can be beautiful. At least that's the first time I remember. I guess that is a memory I shouldn't give up on. Not to 'take off' from the present; but to remember that it is worth having a healthy pain.

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