Oct 24, 2013

A Fight With Dreams

Have you ever been really angry with your dreams? Like, 'you better walk out of my life and go to any sort of hell you please' angry?

I have. It's one of the most unpleasant feels. I think a more unpleasant thing was to realize that I will have to fix things on my own. If I don't, the anger or the dreams aren't going to change at all. No matter what!

I just want to be angry! Especially when I have the right to be so! And I want those stubborn dreams to sort out themselves without my help.

I should sleep.

P.S: Funny that this post should follow the lollipops? But this isn't contradictory. Lollipops are accidents. Dreams are investments. Especially those dreams which are simple.

P.P.S: If I have to fix anything myself at all, I should rather fix the situation than fixing my dreams. Yeah. I should keep that in mind for morning when I get up a bit saner.

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