Nov 24, 2013


If contradictions do not exist, then all that we're seeing around is transition. A foot kept forward, yet, a foot remaining behind in that old place.

And if we see it that way, transition is real for most part of the life. So do I expect to "see" contradictory actions for most part of the life as well?

I do not, actually. I expect to see contradictions only when a boundary is crossed. But such boundaries will not be well defined, right? They would mostly be just notional.

In fact, they may be so blur that the only way I would be able to identify them would be by observing a contradiction..

Does that make contradiction an indicator?

But wait....!

That's the point, right? Contradiction is nothing BUT an indicator for something else that is happening in background?

Ah! So to clear all the confusion, seems that contradiction is not a state. It is just an indicator for a changing phase.


I should try to apply this argument more explicitly to my Masters' project.. see if it helps in understanding the project environment any better....

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