Mar 31, 2010

My Trial Template [from]

I kinda started liking this template I chose the other day.. Its a colorful roll that contains various laces. Nice. I have atleast 20 odd templates downloaded right now. Will be finalizing one when I get enough time to try out all of them. : They've got a Template Designer in Layout Manager. Worth a try. This one comes from there.


  1. hey!
    Yeah this is nice. Very clean, but not completely white. And really sharp. I wish I could get stuff like this in my project. Where did you get it from?

    And the stuff about lollipops is good, just that it's soooo hard to choose. And what if one of them turns out bitter in the middle?

  2. That's how its been all this time right? Well, at least for me. That day Papa said go to Massachusetts for PG. And I did give it a one minute thought n then when I simply looked at Mom, she started laughing...I had already told her I wanted to do MTech, Research in Networks, Work in Sanstha, Teach in Cummins, Do PG in Law, Become a full time Farmer and now Massachusetts!

    I guess 7 year olds are more stable than me!!

  3. and yeah. I have chosen some wrong lollipops. Weren't bitter themselves but left no appetite for must-have healthy food. But then mistakes are good in their own way. :)

  4. 1)PG in law?? Wow! You CAN do that?? As in, a formal course?
    2)Stability depends on perspective, doesn't it? As they say, "I'm not random, you just can't think as fast as me!"
    3)And it's a cool list. I think, 10 years down the line, you'll have ticked off almost everything off it.

  5. yep! PG in LAW sounds cool. Mom told me to check with ILS that day.. Course haven't gone there yet

    Feel like talking to #mengalesir (hehe) and/or rohini ma'm before anything else... i MAY do the second one :)

    i think even if i do one of all these "nicely" it'll be enough for this birth.

  6. naah....not sure about the farming thing. but the others you'll probably do. Keep the farming for retirement, like Sherlock Holmes. He came out with a revolutionary method for keeping bees. :) And by the way, by Massachusetts did your dad mean MIT?

  7. It wasn't Massachusetts! was Minnesota! hehe!! And I have no plans to move outside even for a PG course! (Can't survive without our languages. No Hindi/Marathi for entire day? No thanks)

    Oops! was going to put curly brackets there :D

    Guess I should subscribe to my blog. I keep missing your comments

  8. it doesn't help. I've subscribed, and I missed your last one. And don't get irritated, but why Minnesota?


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