May 18, 2010

Simply Done.

The other day, a friend of mine was playing with my cell phone; calling it "Baba Adam Ke Zamane Ka" piece both for its functionalities and the duration for which I've possessed it; and started playing ringtones (the legacy polyphonic ones) .. which I have used for as long as the handset itself.

Suddenly a soft ringtone was played. I looked up from my laptop and said, "This is your ringtone."

"Oh!" came the expression and the playing was stopped.

I realized the poor person had never thought/known about having a dedicated ringtone in my cell.. LOL!!

Material things DO convey feelings, you know. Not that you NEED them for it. I've many times smiled or grinned upon seeing such silly things around..

My birthday gift was kept besides my bookworm roommate's study books when I visited my (ex-)room few months later..

The most amazing applications on my laptop come from another friend; who gave them to me voluntarily, with full confidence that we both have similar liking in those.

A long list. Really.

I guess its so special because I know these things were not done to CONVEY anything. They were simply done.

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