Apr 28, 2010

Its All In Your Mind

And then something that you awaited comes in front of you.. You raise your hand towards it.. But before you could reach it, it goes away. Leaving you thirstier and hungrier. This keeps happening over and over again. The feeling of 'just missed it..' becomes your companion.

"Who are you? You are your habits." My teacher used to say. Whenever I reach the level of a strange pain that can neither be fully felt nor be ignored; these words show me a way of correcting the wrong.

Words have a healing power. Just like the evening sky. Just like the presence of a loved one in your mind.

Ultimately, every happiness needs to flow out FROM YOU. God embraces you not when you cry out with pain; but when you laugh out with joy.
तिन्ही लोक आनंदाने भरून गाऊ दे रे
तुझे गीत गाण्यासाठी सूर लावू दे रे
तुझे गीत गाण्यासाठी सूर लावू दे रे
-Mangesh Padgaonkar

Dear God, Please give me the knowledge to sing your songs.. The songs of joy.. The songs of happiness.. The knowledge; to understand the essence of being human..

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