Jun 28, 2010

जंगल जंगल बात चली है पता चला है..

Today, my 'great collection to be' started with my first series. An Original DVD Set. Not some torrent download! :D

The Jungle Book 'मोगली' series!
In HINDI! The way I saw it in childhood!

The DVD says it was published in 1993.. I was only 5 that time... Nice to know that my likings haven't changed much.. hehe..

Looks like there were only 52 episodes to that serial. Well, I have them all now. I have also started making a cloth-cover for the box. The box isn't a strong one.. n its gonna be used a lot too! :)

Ah!! First cartoon series I got! Made my day!!

Tom n Jerry, Garfield, Richie Rich, Duck Tales, Talespins, Gummy Bears, Looney Tunes,
Micky Mouse and Friends, Goof Troops,

Bonkers (well, people don't remember him much.. but he's one of the bestests toons out there :D)

Scooby Doo, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Dextor, The Flinstones..

Oh WOW! Just saying all these names aloud is in itself soooo refreshing!

Well, ok.. about my 'great collection to be' -

I'd love to rob away the disney and warner brothers libraries. But by the time I find a way to do that,

Duck Tales, Talespins, Gummy Bears, Tarzon are the must must must haves.

Oh and talking about collecting series, There used to be this amazing Captain Vyom on DD.. I was a devoted viewer of that serial too! I wish I get that series from somewhere someday... Dunno if I'll enjoy it now? Maybe just for the sake of childhood memories maybe?

Haven't put any thought in this post.. Not composed it.. Well, when it comes to the classic cartoons I can not remain composed anyways :D :D :D Hakuna Matata my friends.. Hakuuuuuna Matata!!

Ahhhh! Long live Lord Disney!! N three cheers to Hanna Barbera!!!! Ohh Scooby Doo... WHERE ARE YOU??????

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  1. aah! You got it? That's amazing, now I can borrow it! :P jk....enjoy!


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