Jul 29, 2010

Design Patterns (Graphics as I enjoy it)

Disclaimer: Contains no technical insight, no tips and no showcase.

I changed my twitter theme and bingo! It's on the same lines as my blog's theme! White as the central color. This gives the page a wide feel. But I love to splash colors here and there. (Though I think I've done more than splashing on twitter!)

I also like to use my own work as profile images. Or the alternative, Cartoon characters. Same goes for my desktop wallpaper.

Although I do graphics just next to nothing; I am quite fond of my li'l graphics folder. I'm waiting to create a new graphics. Illustration? Photoshop? MS-Paint? Well, its been so long that I won't get repetitive no matter what I try.

Illustration shall be pretty cool. The flashy jazzy feel works for me. Starting in Adobe Illustrator and finishing in Photoshop => Perfect effect.

But if I go for a pure-Photoshop graphics it'll mostly be a landscape. I've always wanted to try landscape in Photoshop.

MS-Paint? Well, it still remains my MOST favorite application on my laptop. Though not most used. And I think it gives a special feel to the drawings, unlike the other tools I've seen. Then again, I feel most creative with Paint. It provides you very basic options. You have to create effects yourself. Not just give directions as you do in Photoshop. (I say "I work with the pixels directly. It is immensely satisfying." and people laugh. Never mind.)

Hmm.. I'm not into gadgets. When I feel like buying one, chances are that it'll be a pen tablet. The only argument being: if I prefer a pen over a mouse for drawing, why don't I draw on paper? Hopefully I'll restart that too. Soon. Amen.

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