Oct 9, 2010

As a Human...

I wonder how life would be without Google. It's one of my crazy fantasies that Google should completely crash one day. I want to see how businesses go down with it, to what extend people feel helpless...

I'll be really happy if it doesn't invoke a crisis as I suspect. It shall be one of the happiest days for me. And if it did, I will finally have to accept that Google, and everything Google signifies, has become an unquestionable part of human life.

I see people rely more and more on computers, start putting things off our minds and in those chips, I keep feeling uncomfortable. Still, I'm not pulling off. I am questioning. But only passively. In fact, by being a programmer, I am contributing to the process from both sides.

I think the root of this restlessness is my opinion that human is just a humble creature. Whatever is holding the universe together is far more powerful, reliable, and complete and whatever you may please. Let's call that power 'Creator' for the sake of easier reference.

Not anything against the heroic in man. But was it the only way for us? IS this the only way for us? Was there no alternative way for building an intelligent society? Could we not work WITH nature (instead of against it) to grow?

But how could we go wrong as an entire race? How could man, the humble creature, make the Earth under the Creator's rule degrade to such extent? UNLESS! ... Is it meant to happen? I don't know if current situation is a systematically planned event in the Universe or an experiment in Universe going wrong. Another possibility is that of the Creator being cynical. If Creator is letting us make this mess... and learn that it was a mistake... will it be worth it?

"So what if I fail, At least I'd have tried my theory!" I say it so many times. I've LIVED it. What if, what if we as a human race, are doing the same thing on the largest scale possible? After all, curiosity, asking questions, seeking answers, experimenting are among the core characteristics of being human. We just decided to try out this route as a majority.

This brings me back to my original concern... If I believe in the possibility that 'we have been looking at it all wrong!' shouldn't I be seeking out the alternatives? Shouldn't I be looking at other theories proposed all around the world? Shouldn't I be trying them out?

Maybe I should. I know I won't for at least some time. Am I not strong enough? Maybe. That doesn't mean I don't have the right to question.

P.S. My next will be a joyful post. That's my word. :)


  1. I really liked it! One of your better posts :)

  2. Thanks
    Please post something on your blog soon :) It's been long.


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