Oct 13, 2010

Random thoughts

I was going to write some other post. But I changed my mind. Instead, I'm writing a "Random Post" that I wanted to try for a long time -

=> At the age of 22, (well, almost.) I've already started noticing patterns in my life. And I am not sure what I think of it.

=> I can become completely silent if a) I'm travelling b) I'm at a nature site c) I'm coding and, d) I'm eating.

=> Once a tiger enters your mind, it doesn't go!

=> Vividhbharati is a great radio station, provided, you know when to tune in.

=> I signed up for yet another dance performance :D

=> I finally put a Mickey Mouse sticker on my new office laptop. So now I have Mickey Mouse on both my laptops.

=> KK is an AMAZING singer!

=> I put Google Chrome on full screen mode. I don't know how to exit this mode. So now I'm browsing without seeing the Top-Menu and URL Box.


  1. 1. 22 is old. 22 is mature. Why does it seem like I'm explaining this to everyone these days?!!

    2. That's odd. I can't keep silent when I'm coding. Also, why is that such a big deal?

    3. I hope the tiger knows.

    4. Whatever. Just don't make me hear the deadpan tone.

    5. Naaaaaice. When is it? Do we get to see it?

    6. Pictures?

    7. No comments; except that yeah, I guess.

    8. Did you try F11?

  2. Thank you for the numbering :)

    1. Well, I was more wondering about repetition. It's not about being old/mature.

    2. No big deal. It's a fact. Many times I just can not have normal conversations when I'm doing one of these things.

    3. I hope I get to see it over and over again :D

    4. Vividhbharati is HINDI radio station! (The regional stations may play local languages)

    5. ThoughtWorks India Away Day (Bangalore). But it's just step -1. Only a spreadsheet has been created for people to sign up.

    6. Soon

    7. 'guess'??? Sure you want to say 'agree'?

    8. Just after publishing the post, I found out F11. But it was fun trying to find my way without the top panel.

  3. Interesting blog

    The tiger thing was "out of the blue random" (if there exists such term) .. or maybe, it seemed so to to a random unknown visitor!

  4. @Nik


    Hmm... I'll assume the blog is 'interesting' in a good sense :P

    The 'tiger realization' has come after recently watching a tiger in its natural habitat. That scene is getting auto-replayed in my mind since then. And yes, it is one purely random thing in the blog :)

  5. Once again Chrome shows how 'user friendly' it is :P

  6. @shweta Oh BTW, Atreyee is convinced that her laptop is getting hung because of 'Dearest Firefox' :P

    And you may want to check out chrome's themes. They rock!!


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