Nov 27, 2010

Pani-Puri and Me

I have not had proper pani-puri since August! Can you beat that?
No big deal? Let me explain:

So, It all started two years back in my Third Year of Engineering. I started traveling 14Km daily (well, almost daily) to attend my college. In those 40 min journeys, I started noticing stalls with small, round, amazingly crispy yellow colored balls and pots full of spicy water. Long story short, I got addicted to pani-puri.

During that one year, I tasted pani-puri in many different areas in Pune. I can count 15 stalls I've visited the moment I think of it. Mind you, I was regular visitor of some of them! Sometimes, I visited new regions in the city just to taste pani-puri at some stall I heard about. Okey Okey. That happened only once. Maybe twice. But that did happen. How I remember that day!

I dragged my friend along with me to that particular stall. We walked. Ate pani-puri. While walking back, I picked up booch flowers from ground and started playing with them. (Booch flowers is another close-to-the-heart thing) It started raining. Heavily. And we traveled back to our respective homes, completely drenched. Both worried for the other's health! (It took me one hour to reach home. Some 20 mins for her.) Luckily, we both survived :D

Pani-puri is a sure-to-have thing when I go shopping with mom. Now that doesn't happen often, but whenever I do go shopping, I go with pani-puri in my mind. That's my way to survive shopping.

That same year I faced severe health problem which resulted in two surgeries. The first one cause of wrong diagnosis. The second one, the result of wrong treatment during the first :P Well, that slightly sobered my obsession. But I still crave for that delicious, mouth watering pure-Indian junk food.

I'm yet to find out a stall near my office. More I delay it, better for me :)

Aah......! Addiction!!


  1. You had 2 surgeries? You never told me!

  2. Haha! You expect to know my complete life history in 8-9 weeks? Alas! You saw two surgeries when I was trying to show you so many pani-puri stalls

  3. :) nice one! Which reminds me, there's a shop near Viman Nagar I want to check out which apparently makes the most 'divine' pani-puri ever. (my manager's words, not mine) Any idea?

  4. Haven't wandered that far yet :) Can tell you stalls from Paud Road to Aundh, Baner, Laxmi Road, Tilak Road though.


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