Dec 9, 2010

Birthday, Art and Lollipop

Doesn't it feel stupid when someone says they'd forgotten their own birthday? How can that happen??? Alas! I almost forgot my birthday this time. And when yesterday granma reminded me that I turn 22 on 14th, I said "Big Deal". But nop. I was wrong. It IS a big deal!

22. Giving butterflies in my stomach. That number. This year is going to prove a turning point in life. Well, I have had many turning points previously, but I suspect they get bigger with my age. Another lollipop? Maybe. Or maybe multiple lollipops. Forget about what has life planned for me. As it normally happens with me, I am equally curious about what am I going to do with myself.

Recently a friend was telling me about crafting a delicate art-piece. You feel like completing it with one stroke of hand. But that can highly spoil the piece. Do it slowly, carefully, and it gets difficult to maintain steadiness and patience. Isn't life the same? It unfolds itself slowly, smoothly, only when the time comes. One stoke of hand hardly works here. Yes, sometimes, the single stroke is the only right thing to do. But those cases are rare. Wonder if I'll come across them some time soon?

HOLD IT ! !! !!!!

Am I going abstract again? That wasn't the plan. I'll just stop :D

Well, happy 22 to me!


  1. 1.I wish you wouldn't talk about going abstract as if it were a bad thing. You're completing your thoughts, that's something!
    2. Every moment is a turning point, innit? Or is this something really big?
    3. "Forget about what has life planned for me. As it normally happens with me, I am equally curious about what am I going to do with myself."
    3a. I like the way you say that.
    3b. If you have it planned, shouldn't you know it(whatever it is) already? Or is that kinda the point?:S
    4. It can happen. Next thing we know you'll go my grandfather on us- "aata aamhi mhataare jhaalo, aata kasle birthdays vagaire?!!" :D
    5. happy 22nd!

  2. I don't think every moment is a turning point. Going by the 'Dreams Come True' philosophy, one could argue that SDIPA-MK-MAECA was inevitable and many moments together made it happen. But wasn't ThoughtWorks nothing but an accident? If you remove just one day from my life, remove just a temporary headless thought I decided to act upon, I wouldn't be here. (That tempts me to remain headless :D) Think of Cummins, and all the Cummins moments were moments of growth. Not turning points.

    About that statement, ("Forget about blah blah"): I do have ideas about the possibilities... But as I said, no clue about what steps will I take. Few could be impulsive again... Or none would be. I'll just wait and watch :)

  3. okay, I'll rephrase that- every moment has the *potential* to be a turning point, it's what you make of it that counts.

    And if not tw, I'm sure some other "headless" thought would have led you in some other equally innovative, fantastic direction. :)


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