Jan 20, 2011

Please Don't Hit Me ;-)

आई वास प्लेयिंग विथ थे एडिटर ऑफ़ ब्लॉगर टुडे. थिस इस ओने पोस्ट ठाट मे बेकोमे वैरी इर्रितातिंग. सो आई विल कीप इत शोर्ट. आई जुस्त वांटेड तो सी हाउ इंग्लिश सौन्ड्स व्हेन यू व्रिटे इत विथ हिंदी स्क्रिप्ट ओन. आई मस्त अदमित इत सौन्ड्स रेअल्ली वेइरद.

Aah! Ok ok. I'll write it again in proper alphabet:

"I was playing with the editor of blogger today. This is one post that may become very irritating. So I will keep it short. I just wanted to see how English sounds when you write it with Hindi script on. I must admit it sounds really weird."

(I had to change some spellings so as to make the Hindi writing read somewhat closer to the English pronunciation! For example, I is spelled as Aai)


  1. Read the first two lines, skipped the rest of the para, and was rather relieved when I realised that the same lines were written in English below. Funny how reading film names and stuff in English is easy but not the other way round.

  2. Not strictly true. Remember Swades?


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