Mar 28, 2011

My Wish Comes Trueeeee.............!

It is more likely that you've not seen me going crazy. If that is true, I won't tell you to try to imagine my avatar tonight. If, however, you are among those who've witnessed madness in my eyes and a passion in my voice at any time, well, take the highest you can remember, multiply it by 7 and there you know what was my state tonight!

KK........        LIVE. IN. CONCERT.

That's what has happened to me tonight! Remember this post? When I talked about how I miss KK concert every year? After six years of waiting, I've finally been there! The experience still has its after effects on me....

I have -  
A strained neck cause I was looking up at the stage for solid two and a half hours.
A burning throat cause I sang(read shouted) each song along with him. Plus cheered louder than my capacity.
Fingers hitting all the wrong keys on the keyboard cause they are finding it difficult to get instructions from the slightly fuzzy brain.
Hurting heels cause all the time I jumped high in the air or did rapid small jumps (like jogging at the spot.. at the pace of Abhishek Bachchan's "jhig-jhig-jhig-jhig" in Raavan). Sometimes also moving my head left right or up down with my legs. (Well, I did many versions tonight. Shame I no more take warm ups in dance classes.. would've come handy!)

I had only known KK to be a great singer. Tonight, I realized he is also A Star. He knows how to entertain his audience. Amazing body language. Rightful confidence. Apt movements. Good talking. That magical smile shining through his eyes. And most importantly, that one Divine Voice that I kept drinking tonight! Experiencing him feeling the song as he sings. It is totally. totally. Divine!

I went there with my friend. Both of us BIG fans of KK. Now absorbed in the concert. And we got separated by the crowd. So, I am enjoying the concert. Then KK takes a break from singing and the other musicians have a go at their instruments. I come back to sanity for those few minutes. And realize that I am now surrounded by boys! Boys on my left, boys on my right, behind me, in front of me! And there I had been singing at top of my voice, jumping up and down, putting my hands in the air, punching the air etcetra etcetra. If that worries you, calm down. For one, everyone was engrossed in the singing. And I anyways had so much empty space around me that at least three more people could've fit there. I needed that much space to do all that I was doing...! Guess people had to move away :)

Well, back to the main track...

Sreeparna (that's the other KK fan in this story aka my friend) did not allow me to try getting KK's autograph. (She can bring me to senses some times. And I hate it!) And I wasn't sure if KK was going to travel tonight by air. (Otherwise I also thought of going to the airport and waiting for him to arrive. Could've still tried it if dad wasn't waiting for me back home!) So we decided to go home like sane (ahem!) people. Telling each other how much we want solitude tonight. That we don't want to go back to the routine just now. Not till this hangover is gone. (My throat still hurts 3 hours after the concert.)

Talking about hangover, I got totally drunk tonight. With whatever magical potion KK served me. Why otherswise, did I sing each of his song as if I sung them for him?? Be it Tu Hai Aasama Mein or Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar or Pal or Dil Kyon Ye Mera Shor Kare?? I don't find any sense in it. Either I am not in the state to look for sense or it IS utter rubbish. But I did it. And what I did can not be denied. I screamed for him. Sang for him. Clapped for him. And thus for myself.

Tonight, I was in that state which is hard to describe when you sober down enough to describe it.

Tonight was one of the best times I've ever had. My wish came true. Thanku Thanku Thanku Thanku Thanku to all the known unknown factors and people who brought this night to me.

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