Feb 28, 2012

Today's Breakfast Special

I started going for morning walk with dad from yesterday. Today he introduced me to an old gentleman who runs a compact breakfast stall, with 4-5 items in those many small tin containers. Dad often brings breakfast from him. And I like his Poha, which is what I ate today.

He is running 79. He has never eaten in a hotel, he said, "and so I can bet I have no threat for next 10 years." His elder sister is 92 and still cooks her own meals.

He knows 7 languages. Talks English very confidently.

He runs the breakfast stall to collect money for his granddaughter who, he said, is so brilliant that who knows what will she become after she grows up -

"She's currently in 6th standard and has already collected around 50-60 certificates from school and outside. She recently made a hot air balloon that flies when she puts a candle inside it. And now she's going to get a certificate for herself and a trophy for her school for that balloon."

She has won a scholarship and the continuation of that scholarship depends on an exam that will be held in April. "..but she has already prepared whole syllabus for that exam."

She studies in a reputed old school in Pune, the same school my childhood hero (Faster Fene) from a fiction series studied in. I wonder if she has read those stories? She is at a perfect age for those books.


  1. In front of Medipoint Hospital. I don't know if he stays there whole day or just morning breakfast hours..


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