Feb 18, 2009

Intazaar : The Waiting

Some people just come into your life
They do nothing, still make it bright
You pray to meet them again
But confused.. what would you do then?

Its some part of a poem i had written some yrs ago and had torn off after it started making me too naustalgic.

Then life took a sweet turn n i did meet these people again.

फ़िर मिलोगे कभी इस बात का वादा करलो
हमसे एक और मुलाक़ात का वादा करलो ...

And what a lovely मुलाक़ात this is being! Cheers!

About the "what would you do then?" part.....

when you meet them again, you celebrate!
you celebrate meeting again
you celebrate being able to see them again
and you celebrate the waiting you've been through

so don't hesitate to wait. Cause when the waiting pays off, nothing can take away the pleasure it gifts you!!!

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