Feb 27, 2009



His voice does something to me.

His voice is "free" , if you know what i mean.

And i feel his soul is as free as that divine voice.


It must be!!

There was time when i used to feel bad when he sung songs like "Dilli Ki Sardi" and "Ding Dong Ding" But then i slowly realized no matter what they give him to sing, his soul will remain untouched by those songs. He will never lose his purity. The purity that reflects through his childlike smile.

Its almost five years i've been in Pune n every year he comes here for a concert , very conveniently(!@#$) i get something else to be taken care of. Funny!

Every time i'll think , "Next time".

There are so many things , so many tiny wishes, that keep playing hide and seek with us. And sometimes, its not even about

getting them. Just wishing is enough. A live KK concert won't do anything significant to me. I will forget the real experience after a fortnight. But longing for seeing KK live, and so many such so called insignificant things, this is what my joy is all about.

That i have wishes. That i have fantacies. That i have dreams.

Its a way of living for me.

BUT HEY.......

Lot many tiny wishes are accumulated in my mind. N i'm not someone to let go so easily :D

Just a year and two months. Then i'll be out of commitments. (No Engineering!!!)

The year after my graduation.. I call it my freakout year.
And since i started using this term, i can't day-dream beyond that year. "What you want to do?", "Oh , i want to freak out!!!"

What an appealing phrase! "Freakout year"!!!!
That'll be the year when I'll fulfill my most tiny wishes..
At the same time, looking for a new wish.. a new dream.. that one dream will be special because that will be the one I'll choose as my companion in this journey called Life. The one dream that'll help me keep going, as far as my eyes could see and beyond that


  1. How's the freakout year going ? I guess its been great so far! Have you come across a dream as yet ? Or figured it out ?

  2. Oh the freaking out is on hold as I got busy in an unplanned, accidental job :)

    Instead of a full dedicated year, I'll have to freak out in installments now!


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