Feb 21, 2009

In Love(! ? ???? !!!!) With Engineering

guess it happens with all engineering studs..

Specially when you are in TE second sem!!

I'm Tired of Engineering! The daily submissions, no lectures, not even enough lab turns to complete the assignments.. The learn on your own but still attend the lectures attitude the teachers suddenly adopt.

How happy i was just 12 months back.. Attending the college more sincerely thn my school.. Doing all the assignments on my own..(well, atleast the practicals if not the writeups!) happy go lucky SE comp student. Simply in love with engineering! ha!!

N here i am today.. so busy in other things in life.. Organising a single event in college tech fest is eating so much time , i'm so much in love with my part time job as a dance instructor tht studies get the last hour of the day, and most importantly,,, i don't want to study for Pune University any more.

wat yaar! i'll enter college library and will see a very appealing book ( yep! technical!! and very much related to syllabus) but won't be able to read it coz if i read that, when will i read the book that's been forced on me??

why do we all need to follow the same speed and the same assignment and the same syllabus and watever the PU( read Pune University) says???????

For the final marksheet????????????????????????????

Oh don't tell me you trust PU's evaluation technique( if there is any!) . How many of you have been at the receiving end of the makes-no-sense result cards? or seen your friends there?

Why the hell?????????????


  1. why???it builds character.:P

    and i loved the "learn on your own...." part!!!
    19 hrs per week multiplied by 14 weeks. give and take 30 lecs for holidays. that's about 250 hrs of our life we'll never get back! :(

  2. Haha! Yes. The rebel. What is engineering without an outburst of frustration? But I soon got back to the 'I love my college' mode after this post. Good times :)


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