Apr 22, 2010

Oops! I didn't mean this..

Recently I tweeted about how certain people reflect their profession through their overall personality. And that I wish it happens to me one day..


Back Pain?
Swollen Eyes?
Lack of sleep?

No. Please No.

I like my field. I enjoy programming. But by "reflecting through personality" I seriously do not mean reflecting through my body giving up...!

W H E N P A N K H U R I? When will you understand the importance of Hardware? You can't run any super-amazing code on a malfunctioning CPU!!

Damn! Looks like I AM bad with A-N-Y kinda hardware! I better study Embedded Systems and break the ice! (What a blunder to take that elective!! The only mistake I've regretted making in my four years stay in Cummins!! What-kind-of-stunt-was-that!!)

Hmpf! Mom says I'll improve after Exams. I hope she's right about this like she's right about most of her predictions about me :D

PS : I'll miss Cummins :D (now who said "single tracked mind"? :P)


  1. No, you reflect it by the way your face lights up when you smell a technical argument coming. Why the sudden emphasis on hardware?

    You *will* be fine after exams, or rather, once you've submitted your project report. Right now, you should really try sleeping and eating well. And not thinking too much. Remember your Einstein quote?? :)

  2. Ironically, I took Comp instead of IT cause I wanted to know computer hardware too! The Munnabhai quote? "Dimaag ke doctor ko nahi pata hota hai ke pet me kya kharaabi hai" or whichever organs..

    My first BE project idea was to develop my own computer right from logic gates :D (That was before Cummins)

    BTW, what project report? we haven't started!


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