Jun 7, 2011

Things I Missed...

I was looking at a favorite poem from 11th std Marathi textbook. It triggered the memory of all those things that I missed in my student life...

1. well, lets start with the poem itself -

प्रेम म्हणजे (What love means) by Kusumagraj. The poem is an advice to the lover about how he should propose and what exactly love is (and, what it is not). The professors are supposed to explain this poem to the class full of 16 years olds. I din't have Marathi as a subject. I missed the session which I've always imagined to be most hilarious! Go read it if you haven't. It is verrry amusing. (Sorry Kusumagraj.. I do accept it's one of my all time favorites :D)

2. I had no proxy for my engineering years. My friend tried it once. My professor caught it. All other proxies in that attendance got caught because of me. When I learnt it, I laughed and told her not to try it again. One of the side effects of teachers knowing you. ;-)

3. Spending a night in college without permission. I was in women's college and security used to lock it at 6pm each day. I could still have done it. One day I even went to college all prepared. (except any thought to food or rain) But people (friends and mom) gave me such a harsh NO! that I din't do it. I regret it. I should've ignored them. For consolation, I got to sneak into college early morning once. I went to the rooftop, the lift room and scribbled my signature and I was here message everywhere with chalks I used to "collect" from the classrooms.

4. Participating in Firodiya or Purushottam karandak. The most prestigious inter-college drama competitions around here. Again, I could've done that. But I don't regret it. The competitions demanded you to forget about everything else and just get engrossed in them for quite some duration. I wasn't ready to miss the lectures. Whatever lectures I attended. But I used to sigh at the performances.

5. Winning. After school, where I took part in various competitions and won a few prizes, I hardly participated in any competitions in college. And when I did, I had no hunger to win. Holds true for my university exams as well. I felt no pull to grab a nice score. Simply read whatever you enjoy in the subject, and be done. This attitude was very comfortable and enjoyable. I did nothing to change it. I don't regret it :)

I guess that's all. Well, the biggest regret is taking Embedded Systems as elective when I could've taken Software Architecture or better, High Performance Networks (taught by my latest favorite teacher). I had this phobia of hardware subjects and thought I'd take the last chance to break it. I. regret. taking. ES. It was a miscalculated move. I somehow survived...! No injuries. Thank goodness.

But frankly.., 

taking any other subject was too sane a decision :P

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